Getting Excellent Marks

Getting Excellent Marks

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The Bad Thing About Free Medical Advice Online

So you haven’t felt well for a while, but you would rather not go see the Doctor because it just flat out takes too long. You jump on the internet and search for free medical advice online and you find numerous resources. Most of which are absolute junk. It really isn’t that intelligent to get your medical advice from an online source. Did you spend 8 years training to become a doctor? Are you a board certified physician? I’m guessing that you aren’t, or else you wouldn’t be searching for free medical advice online. If my assumptions are correct then there is no reason why you should be diagnosing yourself based off of free medical advice that you found online.

First of all, it is free, which should tell you something about the value of it right off the bat. The second thing is that sometimes illnesses and diseases carry the same exact symptoms but one may be deadly and the other harmless. There really is no way to know how sick you are without being examined by a doctor and allowing them to run some tests. If you don’t want to go to the doctor because you don’t have private insurance and it will take forever to get in then I suggest you re prioritize your health and get a private policy.

Getting your medical advice online may seem like a great idea, but in the end of the day you shouldn’t be betting your health on something somebody said on the internet.

Medical Transcription and Its Importance for Healthcare Professionals

Read on to learn more about medical transcription and its importance for healthcare professionals. In simple words, this back office task involves the conversion of the dictations of healthcare professionals into a convenient and suitably formatted text record. The process starts when the patient goes to see a physician to seek his advice and treatment for a particular health problem. The physician then dictates details associated with the patient meeting via a digital recording machine or toll-free number. The transcription department would access the dictations and proceed to convert them. After transcription, the completed documents are sent back to the physician/healthcare professional through a secure medium.

How Medical Transcription Helps the Healthcare Industry

• Speedy and Appropriate Care Can be Rendered – The transcripts or medical records prepared by the service provider would contain valuable information about the patient such as pre-existing ailments or diseases, diagnoses and care provided; symptoms, formulations and medications advised, examinations, tests and surgeries carried out in the past. Should the patient require care for a related condition or other ailment at a later period of time, these medical records would prove useful. By referring to the medical records and also noting the results of their examination of the patient, the physicians(s) can provide the best and safest possible treatment and care.

• Up-to-Date Details – The patient’s records may have to be passed among nurses, physicians, lab staff, specialists and others. All these people would get the latest details about the patient’s health and treatment provided.

• Provides Vital Proof for a Legal Case – An accurate medical record is a vital resource in favor of the physician concerned should a case of malpractice be lodged against him.

• Law Calls for It – One of the tenets of US law is that healthcare practices are required to keep patient details including records. The HIPAA act additionally calls for the security and privacy of this PHI (Patient Health Information).

• Getting Payments from the Insurance Carrier is Easier – If the insurance carrier finds the information in the medical record satisfactory enough to entitle the physician to his payment, they would duly pay him.

Use the Services of a Reputable, Established Company

Using the services of an established medical transcription company can actually bring down operating costs pertaining to this task up to 40 percent. Clients need not worry about training software, infrastructure, and staff since these are all handled by the service provider. An outsourcing solution provider also ensures you the following benefits:

• A free trial to assess its capabilities
• Transcription for a wide variety of specialties
• HIPAA compliance
• 99% accuracy
• Stringent quality checks that ensure consistent quality of output
• Convenient dictation options and ways to receive the transferred files
• HL7 interface
• Online review and editing is facilitated
• Electronic signature
• Maintenance of file archives
• EHR/EPM feeds
• Quick turnaround – healthcare practices find it difficult to keep to their desired turnarounds because of other work-related pressures, monotony and staff shortages
• Customized solutions

Having realized the importance of medical transcription for healthcare professionals and the difficulties associated with getting the task done in-house, outsourcing is an option to be surely considered.

Transexual Health – Advice and Resources

Male to female and female to male are the common descriptors used for transsexuals. The term “transgender” has been used Transgenders are people who express their birth gender differently over a certain time. There are three types of transgenders; the cross dresser, the bi-gender and the transexual.

Apart from the usual hate crimes and discrimination that they go through, transexuals are also exposed to a number of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. In fact, the population of people who have HIV are mostly those who belong to this category. Consider this, in Los Angeles, 22% of transgenders are infected with the virus. There are a number of organizations which offer medical service, education, peer based counselling and advocacy among transsexuals.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is an international, interdisciplinary organization which consists of psychiatry, endocrinology, surgery, law, psychology, sociology and counselling experts to help transgenders. The organisation aims to bring together these professionals to develop best practices and supportive policies worldwide that promote health, research, education, respect, dignity, and equality for transgender.

The International Journal of Transgenderism is sponsored by World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and remains an electronic journal containing various health issues related to transgenders.

Among the various websites, Trans-Health contains a number of articles related to body modification, nutrition, transitioning, mental & emotional health, hormones, aging and health care services for transsexuals.

HIV remains the biggest health issue among transsexuals and most transexual health efforts involve reports on the high risk that their lifestyles present and how this can lead to further spread of the virus. It is common for transgenders to experiment sexually. Some of them are involved in sex-for-money because they need the cash to support their hormone therapy needs, substance abuse habits, and perhaps a gender reversing surgery. And these are some of the problems that can further cause the prevalence of HIV.

Can I have the recognition Recognition groups and school admissions (Part 2)

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Pet Friendly Websites – Online Advice And Tips For Pet Owners

The increasing popularity of the internet means that there are lots of web sites out there for almost any interest. One popular niche is animals. Pet owners can now share tips and advice with those who share their passion, and can discuss everything from pet care to pet friendly travel companies.

Just about all pet friendly websites provide helpful information on pet friendly hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals. These are a great asset for pet owners who wish to take their pets with them on vacation. These pet friendly websites often go so far as to cover even the conditions under which pets are allowed in certain hotels, bed and breakfasts, or vacation rentals. This helps the pet owner to plan a family vacation that includes the four-legged family members.

There are detailed pet friendly travel guides which offer lots of information on the requirements and restrictions imposed by different companies. You can access the policies and rules of a huge list of airlines and airports, and read up on veterinary certificates and microchip requirements, all from the comfort of your own home.

Reviews of Pet Care Products

If you want to stay up to date with the latest in pet care and grooming products, then again pet friendly web sites have all the information you need. You can find out about products which are available mail-order only, find stockists for specialist toys and products, and get reviews of expensive items before you lay down your hard earned cash. Just about anything and everything that you may need for the care, grooming, feeding, entertainment and transportation of your pet can be found online at pet friendly websites.

There is so much more helpful information on pet friendly websites. Other helpful information include resources for pet sitting in various places, and boarding kennels for pets that for whatever reason may not be able to travel with the family. In addition, many pet friendly websites provide excellent information on veterinarians, hospitals, medication, and even beauty salons for pets. Everything you could possibly need for the comfort, health, or pleasure of your cherished pet can easily be found on the internet and may be literally just a mouse click away. There are even interactive websites which provide personalized information. This is especially beneficial for helping first time pet-owners handle any minor problems with their pets.

Pet web sites are great sources of information– you can even find guides on things such as securing your home and garden and making it more pet friendly. Pet owners Beware! There may be lots of seemingly innocuous items in your home that could actually be very dangerous if ingested by your pet. You can even find specialist pet websites which offer you advice, tips and warnings about precisely that kind of thing. If you have some stories or tips to share, or would like to learn more about your pet, then take a look for a web site devoted to your chosen animal.

How-to Annotate an Article

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